Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shouldn't I Be Taller?

Lynda has gone and a clearly unriggable election puts Colin in charge of the Junior Gazette which he promptly transforms into the new look go-faster Gaz for go-faster people. He offers prizes, advertising features & interviews with Nostradamus and the new, lax approach to journalistic integrity and working hours wins over most of the newsroom. However, the hardcore, principal cast all agree that, despite suffering from PTSD, they should go on an exciting mission to get Lynda back rather than allow her to process the horrific events of less than a week earlier and slap her out of wondering: Can I be different? Could I be better? SHOULDN'T I BE TALLER?

Friday, July 17, 2015


Tuesday is cancelled. Especially so for David Jefford, the Golden Jerk who tries to bring down the Junior Gazette in retaliation for them not offering him a job on the writing team. Colin tries hard not to mention the war in his attempts to woo Ethel Stuttgart and Spike tries to change the subject. All in a day or two's work for the Junior Gazette on MONDAY-TUESDAY.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Money, Love and Birdseed

Pigeons steal £30 from visiting band The Dreadnoughts. Okay, that's not what happens but all of those plot elements are present as well as some crazy beatboxing, a detective story that barely features the person the story focuses on, some panties on a flagpole and guest appearances by Jim Davis and Tom Green.

Will Spike and Lynda get it on at the Pavillion? Is Bobby Tweed a "tea leaf", as them Cockney fellows might say? Will Frazz start getting some decent lines again soon, please? Join the usual Chris and Alirio and their special guest Paul Maki as they discuss the answers to at least some of these questions and try to work out which is the best thing out of MONEY, LOVE AND BIRDSEED.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Both Sides of the Paper

It's finally exam time and Sarah is unravelling fast. Lynda continues on her quest to become an unfeeling automaton with a supernaturally fast wit and Colin is making a fortune off of desperate students with the aid of the Colin Mathews Exam Kit. And then there's Tony Nolan, the Phone Ranger - a man with probably the worst radio gimmick ever devised.

Meanwhile, in the world of our hosts, Alirio is off to America (a holiday that's already been taken by the time this podcast was released) and Chris is continuing to justify the fact that he finds certain cast members attractive.

Can you wear a school uniform for every second of every day? Are Kerr and Winters the same person? Does Miss Trench actually exist, or is she solely Sarah's Dream Teacher? Find out, as we use...