Friday, January 9, 2015

Podcast: Photo Finish

A relaxed month after our previous episode comes the follow-up. Long-recorded but only recently edited to reflect current times (by taking out references to Christmas and the New Year rather than adding a lot of up to the minute topical content, as that would be inappropriate).

Joining Chris and Alirio as they learn of James Armstrong and his marvellous teachings, is Joe of The Eleventh Hour Podcast and Joe & Chris Do a Thing fame, vastly increasing the amount of wrestling chat involved in the episode.

Meanwhile, in the world of the Junior Gazette, the kids are still following up their front-page grabber story, Colin has a phone inexpertly installed at the office, Frazz is actually becoming stupider and Lynda is working on her ruthless streak, which is a tough ask when your voice is going. Also, we meet the rightful Czar of all Russia and his terrifying pies.

We were a bit rushed this week and are still finding our feet and format, but we hope you'll bear with us during these developmental issues and get stuck into PHOTO FINISH.

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