Saturday, June 6, 2015

Podcast: Interface

Let's... Do... THIS!!??!?

It's time for at least a slightly special episode of Press Gang wherein a mysterious computer almost forces its way into the Junior Gazette office and gets involved in some Jumpin' Jack Flash shenanigans (albeit with television reviews rather than international espionage).

In other news, we learn that Spike keeps his dirty underwear in a bag, that he may tacitly support slavery and kidnap victims for Jigsaw in his spare time. What a guy.

Meanwhile in the real world, Alirio has run more distance than is strictly sensible in one sitting and Chris can deliver the Fairy Liquid jingle with, admittedly, a couple of words wrong but - astonishingly - at perfect pitch.

So, get out your modems and embark with us on this exciting cyber adventure. Boot up, log on and INTERFACE.

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